Going down South

We like to think that we know a lot about Canadian Art.  Quick to recognize a Canadian icon like a Tom Thomson or a Lauren Harris or even a Alex Colville or Peter von Tiesenhausen.  Capturing Canada through art is what lead us to this project after all…so when we find treasures like the Leighton Centre, named after A.C. Leighton who formed the Alberta Society of Artists…we get kinda excited.

Like most I suppose, our vacations are often taken out of province or country.  This project to find Alberta Art & Artists means we see places we never have…

Like Claresholm.  The Cowboy Trail in Southern Alberta has many treasures.  This is one.  A heritage museum rail station – with local art in the gift shop – located right on the highway, with a huge green space for community gatherings and even a functioning handcar (the kind like in the movies…one side is up the other is down).  And just 100 feet down the line is Roys Place – home to one of the best cinnamon buns we have found in our travels.  (a warning-share with a friend as it takes up the whole plate!)

The same highway will take you through Fort McLeod, home to the Empress Theatre.  Spend a day at Fort WhoopUp and then take in some theatre…who needs to leave the province for a vacation!

We couldn’t linger though…arrangements had been made to meet artists in Lethbridge.  We setup at the Acoustic Owl Lounge, that hangs local artwork, to meet artists – had a great lunch!  Then we wandered next door to CASA – an amazing 42,000 square foot cultural centre with galleries, exhibition spaces, music studios, pottery…ongoing workshops for all ages.  Exactly what any Artography trekker would want!

Heading South?


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