Looks can be deceiving…

Chances are when you arrive in Alberta it will be at one of the international airports.  Complete with lots of traffic and people and 21st century architecture.  And then you will get your rental car and head for the Yukon or the mountains or the prairies…and the view will change.  While not as old as Eastern Canada or Europe – rural Alberta has a lot of heritage.

Bashaw Alberta is home to an unassuming frontier building called the Majestic Theatre, built in 1916, for traveling lantern shows.  Home now to a local amateur theatre troupe ‘The Friends of the Majestic Theatre Society’ keep the tradition of live theatre alive.

So get off the major highways and trek some back roads…we found Bashaw on our way through Central Alberta.


To Camrose…

…where sometimes the art you find IS the studio!





And Sylvan Lake…where two artists took time out of their busy schedules, saving another heritage site, to talk with us about their art.

MARY GRACE and MARIAN SHILKA have studios you can visit by appointment probably because they are busy making presentations or painting at the site of the Sylvan Lake Stone Castle, as they work creatively on ways to see the castle restored to its glory!  An actual stone castle…that once you see, you will understand.

Photo credit Red Deer Advocate

So things are not always as they appear to be…Alberta is full of diversity, heritage and art!

  Heading for Central Alberta?


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