Walking the Talk

We do walk the talk…as we search for more Alberta Art & Artists for this project.  We have always loved going to exhibits and markets – but never thought we would be the attraction!

Sharing ideas is easy with artists!  After 30 years of working with artists we know that we all share the value of collaboration.  This gathering in Airdrie not only allowed us to share the Artography idea with Rocky Mountain County artists…but allowed us to learn more about what artists want, and what they are creating.

It is not uncommon for us to be questioned about the validity or practicality of culture in ‘economic terms’.  So we were really happy to find this amazing contrast of NEW Alberta infrastructure mixed in with our drive through rural Alberta!

People don’t build new cultural spaces unless they are used, wanted and valued.  Airdrie’s new Bert Church Theatre facility is beautiful!

And Bergen Alberta’s post office is charming!







The WELLSPRING VISUAL ARTS NETWORK works to support artists in Didsbury, Airdrie, Sundre, Carstairs…check them out when in Central Alberta.  Lots of studio tours, markets and artwalks!

And in an area so rich in heritage, artists like CHERYL BECK have found a wonderful niche in fine art photography restoration.  Check her art out!

MORE on this area and these artists can be found on CENTRAL  page.



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2 Comments Add yours

  1. locketuplady says:

    I adore the Bert Church Theatre space! Modern mashed right up against the original structure.
    I’m curious if you guys work with the Airdrie Regional Arts Society, both being ‘regional’ groups.


    1. abartog says:

      Hello. We – the authors here – work with as many Alberta artists as we can find! In Airdrie we found the Wellspring Visual Arts Network and a great photographer named Cheryl Beck. We are always interested in connecting to more artists.


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