Photography: Drawing with Light

Few art mediums offer the possibilities for manipulation like photography.  From ‘camera obscura’ to smart phones – its been an interesting journey that many people have applied their own ideas and skills to.

One such artist is on the Artography trek (#2 on the map).  Cheryl Beck of Carstairs knew she was hooked after restoring an image of her grandmother…leading her to a career in image restoration and fine photography.


‘As I worked I found I was truly fascinated.  I could feel her youthful confidence and strength.

I wondered about her relationships with her friends and how she spent her time.

Did her life turn out as she had imagined?’

And some photographers use the printing process as the art.  Allan King, whose works can be seen at the the Scotia Centre Tower on 7th Ave and 2nd St SW Calgary until December 15th this year, uses a platinum process to produce his oversize images.

Scotia Centre Exhibition

Restoration or process…be sure to check the work by these artists when in Central Alberta!


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