These people do art on everything!

Today was the perfect example of ‘why’ we believe in this project!

Sure, the cities in Alberta have LOTS going on…artwalks, markets, galleries…every weekend a festival…every corporate office full of art…

But just a few minutes north of Edmonton on Highway 2 is St. Albert and just a 1/2 hour west of Edmonton on Highway 16 is Stony Plain.  Both of these communities offer travelers lots to see – and are easy to get to!

The Art Gallery of St Albert is located on Perron Street in the heritage downtown area (#11 on the Artography map).  We were fortunate today to catch an exhibition by Sarah Pike and Erin Ross.


These beautiful clay pieces (shown on the left) were called Root Cellar.  Ceramic and reclaimed wood.  Sarah wrote “She had teenage adventures in abandoned prairie houses with dark steep stairs leading into unknown cellars.  There was that feeling standing there, eyes adjusting to dim light, breathing in damp and earthy air; that sense of what once was.  Dusty crates and cloudy jars slowly appeared…once so crucial but now left behind.” 



Just a block away is a building that is art itself, a Douglas Cardinal building, that contains the Museum, and a beautiful mural.


On the way to the Museum, walk through the Library pedway, for more amazing murals.

And of course – this is one of the many mosaics by St Albert’s Phil Alain and Lewis Lavoie!

Walk one more block and you will find VASA, Visual Art Studios.  We have stopped in several times over the years…and there has always been something going on, artists in action!  This time we happened upon a workshop with Helen Rogers who designed this piano ‘Van Gogh’s Garden’.

But all good things come to an end…(sorry Chaucer some things have changed since 1370, when talking about art..there really is no end!) and a short stopover in Stony Plain for lunch at the Multicultural Centre means more art and some of the best pie you will find in Alberta!  And we all know what an art that can be.


Pretty nice way to spend a day…you should try it!


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